the Nemoricultrix, O. Captain is a part-time poet, and a full-time faerie. it writes weird faerie prose, bizarre and unsettling poetry, soft scifi, occasional essays, and small ttrpgs and games. it also draws little pixel creatures, creates found object art, and DMs Chthon - The Beast's Age. it uses it/its pronouns.

its fiction, poetry & games sometimes contain mature/graphic content and strong language, and may not be for all audiences. consume with caution and awareness! for tales & works suitable for all ages, see Tales From When I Lived In Faerieland.

its interests include indie tabletop games, botany and mycology, folklore, writing, quantum physics, sociological and romantic concerns of cannibalism and sacrifice, and, of course, the Sun.

for any inquries, please email; and if you like what it creates, consider buying a coffee.

physical chapbooks

I've begun selling physical copies of my chapbooks (just one as of now), which can be purchased through my bigcartel store!

freelance services!

I work part-time, so I do occasional freelance work. Here's what I offer:


D&D Character Sheets/Character Creation - $15/hr on my own time (you give me as much info as you'd like about your character, and I'll send you a sheet), or $20/hr live (we hop on a discord or zoom call, and together we build your character sheet). I'm most familiar with D&D 5e, but I'm willing to try some other systems as well.


Homebrews - I make a lot of custom homebrew items and statblocks, and I would be happy to make a few for you! $5 each for simple items and statblocks. I don't have as much experience with custom subclasses, but I would be happy to work with you to reflavor some things.


Oneshot Adventures/Short Campaigns - I love writing oneshots and short campaigns. I don't write in the forgotten realms is my only thing, I'm not familiar with them, and prefer to homebrew. Again, I'm most familiar with D&D 5e, but I've played a few other systems, so we can talk! Not sure on the pricing for this yet, just reach out if you're interested.


Narration/Storytelling - Telling stories is the core of my being. Do you have a faerietale or short story, original or public domain, that you would like me to read aloud? My minimum is $50 for up to a half-hour of audio (final audio). For additional fees, I am happy to edit the audio, add sound effects, and/or music.

My part-time job takes up a lot of my hours in the week, and I cannot guarantee quick turnaround times. For all freelance inquiries, email